Eugène, by Jan Dirk Barreveld

Jan Dirk Barreveld is a Dutch cartoonist, best known for his satirical and sometimes absurd gag strip 'Eugène'. During his studies in Business economics at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Barreveld drew short comics and illustrations for faculty-related publications. He also contributed illustrations and cartoons for three Dutch student magazines and was a regular contributor to the amateur comic magazine De Stripper.

Eugene by Jan-Dirk Barreveld

Barreveld had his breakthrough in 1999, when he started working for the news website, for which he made weekly topical cartoons. He also debuted his weekly 'Eugène' strip in free daily newspaper Metro in that year. The strip was later also published in Veronica Magazine, Myx and Eppo. 'Eugène' book collections have been published since 2002.

Amorfati by Jan-Dirk Barreveld
Amorfati - Vals spel

In addition, he has been working as an illustrator for magazines and companies as a founding member of Nijmegen-based Studio Noodweer. Barreveld also made cartoons with the character 'Richie Balls', as well as the comic 'Stef en de Stad' for Z@pp & Zo. With René Leisink, he developed the dark humour serial 'Amorfati' for the crime magazine Koud Bloed, and with Robby van der Meulen, he makes the comic strip 'Kind aan huis' for MAX Magazine. He has made drawings for clients like ProRail, Algemeen Dagblad, Wolters Kluwer, Laks, Nuon, Arcadis, Shell and the Kees Zegers book 'Startkapitaal'.

Selfportrait, by Jan Dirk Barreveld

Barreveld's portfolio at ComicHouse

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