Sally Bananas, by Charles Barsotti

Charles Barsotti was the cartoon editor of the Saturday Evening Post and a staff cartoonist for The New Yorker since 1970. Born in San Marcos, Texas, he is the creator of such comic strips as 'C. Barsotti's People', 'My Kind of People', 'P.J. McFey', 'Sally Bananas' (1969-1973), 'Funny Form' (1974), 'Punchline: USA' (1975) and 'Broadsides' (1975-1979). His work has also appeared in Playboy and Fast Company. In addition, he also worked for USA Today, and his strip 'Emma June' ran in USA Weekend in the 1980s. Barsotti died of brain cancer on 16 June 2014, at his home in Kansas City, Missouri, aged 80.

Sally Bananas, by Charles Barsotti

Laatste update: 2014-07-05

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