Adam at Home by Brian Basset
'Adam at Home'. 

Brian Basset was born in 1957 in Norwalk, Connecticut, as the son of well-known sports and political cartoonist Gene Basset. While attending the Fine Arts program of Ohio State University he sharpened his editorial pencil and became a political cartoonist himself, later working at the Seattle Times from 1978 to 1994.

Dutch version of 'Adam@Home' from Brabants Nieuwsblad (1-1987)
Dutch version of 'Adam@Home' from Brabants Nieuwsblad (January 1987).

In 1984 Basset created a comic strip about stay-at-home father of three 'Adam' and his bread-winning wife. The strip, showing strong resemblances to Basset's personal life, was renamed to 'Adam@Home' after Basset's departure from the Seattle Times in 1995. Basset continued the feature through Universal until 2009, when he handed it over to Rob Harrell.

He has since devoted all his time to 'Red and Rover' (2000-  ) a "retro-feel" comic strip about friendship, love and loyalty between a boy and his dog.

Brian Basset has received strong praise from Guy Gilchrist.

Red and Rover, by Brian Basset, 2002
'Red and Rover'. 

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