Mangucho, by Roberto Battaglia

Roberto César Battaglia was an Argentinian humorist of of Italian origins, born in Villa del Parque, Buenos Aires. A contemporary of Ferro, Divito, Lino and Jorge Palacio, Landrú and Oski, he is best known as the creator of 'Mangucho y Meneca', a comic full of crazy and absurd humor. The comic was published in the magazine Patoruzito between October 1945 and April 1962. Later on, it was retitled to 'Mangucho' and finally to 'Don Pascual'. For publisher Dante Quinterno, Battaglia produced such series as 'María Luz', a cartoon based on his sister Nora, 'Motín a Bordo', 'Egoisto' and 'Orsolino Director'. Battaglia eventually headed for the USA, just like his compatriots Osvaldo Laino, Vic Martin, Francho and Alfredo Olivera. He passed away in 2005.

Don Pascual by Roberto Battaglia
Don Pascual

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