Cover, by Dante Quinterno

Dante Quinterno was born in San Vicente in 1909 and started his professional career in comics in 1925, when his comic 'Pan y Truco' was published in magazine El Suplemento. One year later his character 'Don Fermin' (later known as 'Don Fierro') appeared in El Mundo. On 19 October 1928, 'Don Gil Contento' was published for the first time in newspaper Crítica. The side character in this strip, Curugua-Curiguagüigua, an Indian, soon became so popular that he became the main focus.

Don Fierro, by Dante Quinterno (1939)
Comic art by Dante Quinterno. 

His name, and the name of the strip, was changed to 'Patoruzú', and this became one of the most famous comic characters of Buenos Aires. In 1933, Quinterno traveled to the USA and got a contract with the Disney Studios. In November 1936, the first issue of magazine Patoruzú appeared, and it ran until April 1977. The adventures of other characters, like Isidoro Cañones, Isidorito and Patoruzito, were also developed in independent magazines of great popularity. Quinterno opened up his own studio to keep up with the large production. The studios employed artists like Oscar Blotta, Eduardo Ferro, Luis Garcia Duran and Horacio Saavedra.

Patoruzito, by Dante Quinterno
Comic art by Dante Quinterno. 

In 1938, Dante Quinterno married Rosa Schiaffino, with whom he had three children. He devoted himself to cinematography and created the 15-minute movie 'Upa en Apuros', which was the first color movie in Argentinian. He also designed a sports car. He died on 14 May 2003 in Buenos Aires.

His characters Isidorito, Patoruzú and Patoruzito are part of the 'Paseo de la Historieta' ('Comics Walk') in San Telmo, Buenos Aires. Their statues can be found in the Paseo Colón and Belgrano streets. Isidoro Cañones also has a statue, located at Balcarce and Chile street. 

Dante Quinterno was a strong influence on Geoffrey FoladoriFernando SosaTabaré and Marten Toonder

comic art by Dante Quinterno (1936)

Don Fermin, by Dante Quinterno
Comic art by Dante Quinterno. 

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