Deadly Hedley, by Martin Baxendale

Martin Baxendale is the son of famous UK cartoonist Leo Baxendale. He worked on his father's strips 'Clever Dick' and 'Snooper' in Buster during the 1970s. In a style similar to his father's, he has drawn for the weeklies published by D.C. Thomson and Fleetway. He has drawn comics like 'Lazy Bones' (Whizzer and Chips, 1976), 'Whistler and his Dog' (The Topper, 1978), 'Deadly Hedley the Vampire Detective' (Buster, 1981-83), 'Dick Turban' (Nutty, 1980), 'Strange Hill' (Whizzer and Chips, 1981-82) and 'Kid Comic' (Wow! and Whoopee!, 1982-85).

Deadly Hedley, by Martin Baxendale

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