Supercrat, by Chip Beck

Chip Beck has lived, worked, fought and traveled in 65 countries and 13 war zones as a soldier, sailor, combat artist and cartoonist. His first comic strip was 'Supercrat, the Super Bureaucrat', which appeared as a full page feature in State Magazine since 1979. He did a lot of gag cartoons for troops in Vietnam, and his first editorial cartoons were published in Beirut. In 1991, he was recalled to active duty as the Navy's official Combat Artist in Desert Storm. He has been the editorial cartoonist of Northern Virginia Sun, Sun Gazette, Georgetown Courier and National Forum. He drew 'Kilroy is Back' with columnist Jack Anderson from 1991. As a freelance artist, he has drawn hundreds of cartoons for the military and the government. He makes a cartoon feature for APB focusing on police humor, called 'Kiljoy'.

Supercrat, by Chip Beck

Laatste update: 2009-09-18

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