Alley Oop by Jack Bender

Jack Bender is a cartoonist from Iowa, and the current artist of 'Alley Oop' through Universal Uclick. He studied at the University of Missouri, and worked as the editorial cartoonist for the Waterloo (Iowa) Courier for 20 years, before moving to Tulsa. There, he taught a comics course, and assisted Don Martin on 'The Nutheads'.

Bender was hired to work as an assistant artist on the classic caveman strip 'Alley Oop' in 1990. He became the fulltime artist of the daily and Sunday strip a year later, initially working with Dave Graue, the original assistant and successor of the strip's creator, V.T. Hamlin. When Graue died in a car crash in 2001, Jack Bender's wife Carole Bender took over the writing duties of the strip.

Alley Oop by Jack Bender

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