Ben De Wever, who uses Benus as his pseudonym, is a Belgian novelist, cartoonist, animator and comic artist. He is best known for his gag comic 'Harry' (2010- ), about a grumpy yellow grizzly bear. The scriptwriter is Nix, a cartoonist with whom De Wever often collaborates. He was colorist of Nix' signature series 'Kinky & Cosy' and co-director and animator of its animated adaptation. De Wever and Nix also collaborated on the graphic novel 'Deathflix' (2019), about corruption in the association football industry.

Early life
Ben De Wever was born in 1983. He studied Plastic Arts at the Sint Jozef College in Aarschot. Between 1999 and 2006, he attended the Sint-Lukas School of Arts in Brussels, graduating with a Master's degree in Animation and Graphic Storytelling. Some of his early comics appeared in the school's magazine for new talent, Demo, edited by his teachers Johan De Moor and Nix. Since 2007, De Wever is active as a freelance comic artist and animator, mostly under the pen name Benus. His cartoons, illustrations and comics have appeared in magazines like Focus Knack and Zone 5300.

'De Verloren Zoon'.

Brothers of Charity
De Wever is a regular illustrator for Broeders van Liefde ("Brothers of Charity"), a Catholic welfare organization. Since 2010, he creates cartoons and illustrations for their congregation's magazine Dichtbij and its French-language sister publication Approches. His art also appears in their bi-annual magazine Still. On 5 June 2018, De Wever drew a modernized version of the biblical parable 'The Lost Son'. In the Old Testament, the story revolves around a father and two sons. The oldest son works hard and obeys his father. The second son wastes all his money and returns home in disgrace. But the father still welcomes the second son enthusiastically, despite everything that happened, because he "was lost and now he is found." In Benus' version, the narrative is put in the context of a war refugee trying to make a living in a Western country.

De Wever is a good friend and colleague of cartoonist Marnix Verduyn, better known as Nix. Since 2007, he has worked as a colorist on Nix' signature series 'Kinky & Cosy' (1998- ), a gag comic about two mischievous little girls. From 2008 on, this comic duo was also adapted into a series of animated shorts, broadcast during the TV debate show 'Volt' (2008-2005). De Wever served as lead animator and assistant director. Other people who participated in the creation of these animated cartoons were Fred Felder, Steve, Bart Schoofs and Simon Spruyt.

'Harry' (Spirou #4054, 2015).

Since 2010, De Wever draws the gag comic 'Harry', scripted by Nix. Harry is a big yellow bear, who is often seen in the company of his orange rabbit friend Knaagmans. They have surreal adventures, with punchlines that end in black comedy. The gag comic has been published in Focus Knack, Zone 5300 and, since 2015, in Spirou. 'Harry' has also been serialized as a webcomic on Peter Moerenhout's new talent comics portal Stroke Strips.

De Buurtpolitie
Together with Phaedra Derhore, De Wever is also an inker for 'De Buurtpolitie' (2017- ) a celebrity comic based on the popular scripted reality TV series about the bizarre adventures of a Belgian neighborhood police station. The stories are written and drawn by Nix, while Benoit Bekaert does the coloring. Within five years, Standaard Uitgeverij has released almost twenty 30-page titles.

'Deathfix' (2018), art by Benus and Nix.

In the build-up to the 2018 World Championship Association Football, Nix's crime thriller about match fixing in the soccer world, 'Deathfix', was serialized as a webtoon on Spirou.com. Every week people could read a new episode on their smartphone. The plot revolves around Gus Kok, a football player in the Russian club Sporting Club Moscow. Although Gus shows talent, his club president indulges in match fixing and other briberies. Soon he and Gus are confronted with the Chinese mafia. The comic was made "the Marvel way", with separate contributors to every step in the production process. Besides creator Nix, the team included Ben De Wever as pencil artist, Kevin Cuyt as inker, Fred Felder as dialogue writer and Pierre Leroy as colorist. Dupuis released the story in book format in January 2019.

Other activities
Ben De Wever is also a freelance cartoonist, illustrator, animator and graphic artist for hire, working for clients like the Recreas Vzw sports federation, S-hulp, the Grinta! cycling magazine, Ticketmatic, the financial institution Dexia and the Province of Flemish Brabant. Between 2016 and 2017, De Wever was involved as a graphic designer with the Comics Station, a mini theme park located in the Antwerp Central Station. He took concept drawings of familiar comic characters like Morris 'Lucky Luke' and Peyo's 'The Smurfs' and adapted them into mural paintings. Since March 2010, De Wever has his own blog, Benus Blogus.



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