Comic published in Zone 5300 by Bart Schoofs

Bart Schoofs - also signing with BRT - is a Leuven (Louvain)-based Flemish comic artist. Born in Brussels in 1969, he studied Applied Arts at the Sint-Lukas School of Arts in Brussels. Among his graphic influences are Jeroen de Leijer and Yslaire. Schoofs has made cartoons for De Besloten Krant, Bill, Zone 5300, Stripburger, Fin de semaine, Stiekem, Veto, De Standaard, De Tijd, Bonanza and Volt. He also provides the artwork for the children's magazines Maks! and Yeti. Schoofs was one of the two Flemish comic artists that were featured in the Assocation anthology 'Comix 2000'. With Nix, he has worked on the gags and animated films of 'Kinky & Cosy', and on the zany photo comic 'God en Klein Pierken', about God and his little brother.

comic inspired by Rasmus Klump
Comic inspired by 'Rasmus Klump' by Hansen.

After several years of self-publishing comic books, Grint published his first book 'Braaf Varken' in 2000. Since 2011 he has a regular weekly page in the 'Samenhang' section of the Flemish news magazine Knack. A collection of his Knack comics called 'Morgen weer een dag' was published by Oogachtend in 2013. Schoofs is also the bass player with the band Banger Pet Band.

In 2007 he wrote a contribution to 'Er was geenszins' (Oogachtend, 2007), an absurd fairy tale book aimed at an adult audience, for which Kim Duchateau provided illustrations. 

On 23 June 2016, Kinky and Cosy received their own wall painting in the Bogaardenstraat/Rue des Bogards in Brussels, as part of the Brussels Comic Book Route.

In 2017, he participated in the retrospective exhibition 'La Nouvelle BD Flamande' at the Belgian Comic Strip Center in Brussels, a show devoted to contemporary Flemish comics alongside authors Brecht Evens, Nix, Pieter De Poortere, Simon Spruyt, Wauter Mannaert, Wide Vercnocke and Judith Vanistendael.

Bart Schoofs

Artwork by Bart Schoofs

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