Panter by Brecht Evens

Brecht Evens is a Belgian graphic novelist from Ghent, who works in Paris, France. He tells gripping stories in beautiful watercolors, that deal with underdogs and self-reflection. Evens is a member of Pulp de Luxe, a comics collective that specializes in adult comics. After winning a comics debut prize from the Flemish guild of comic artists (V.O.S.), he published his first comic album 'Een Boodschap uit de Ruimte' with publisher Van Halewyck' in October 2005.

Vincent, by Brecht Evens

In 2006, Evens made his second book, 'Vincent', published by Oogachtend. This critically acclaimed book deals with a boy who wrests himself from his home village and his parents to study in Dublin. It came with a soundtrack by the Dutch popgrop SUB. In 2009, his graphic novel 'Ergens Waar Je Niet Wil Zijn' was published, a tale about social relations. In his 2014 book 'Panter' he hints at the subject of child abuse in a story about a girl and a mysterious man called Panter, who shows up from her wardrobe. Evens' graphic novels have also been published in English by Drawn & Quarterly.

On 28 December 2010, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of  Kim Duchateau's character Esther Verkest, P-Magazine organized a special, where various artists, including Evens, drew a graphic tribute. On 11 July 2011 Pieter De Poortere designed a comics mural in the Rue Euler, Paris, featuring characters by Evens, Judith Vanistendael, Olivier SchrauwenRandall Casaer and Jeroen Janssen, to promote Flemish comic strips.  This was the first of its kind in France. On 29 September 2012 Evens designed a mural in De Oever in Antwerp, between the Hoogstraat and Kloosterstraat, as part of the local Comics Route. Unfortunately the wall was demolished on 9 December 2021 to make room for a series of lofts. 

Evens was one of several artists to make a comic strip for the booklet 'Building Bridges in Europe’ (2012), published by the European Association of National Builders’ Merchants Associations and Manufacturers (UFEMAT). He was one of many artists to pay tribute to Ever Meulen during the 'Ever Meulen & Friends' exhibition in October 2017 in Brussels. 

In 2005, Evens received the Debuutprijs of the Vlaamse Onafhankelijke Stripgilde for 'Een Boodschap Uit De Ruimte'. His 'Koenraad' won the Grote Prijs voor de Kortstrip (later the Plastieken Plunk) for Best Short Comics Story. In 2009 'Ergens Waar Je Niet Wilt Zijn' won the Stripvos, followed by the Willy Vandersteenprijs a year later. The same year his 'Handen Uit De Mouwen' won the Plastieken Plunk. 

Brecht Evens was an influence on Inge BogaertsBen Gijsemans and Lae Schäfer.

Ergens waar je niet wil zijn, by Brecht Evens
'Ergens Waar Je Niet Wil Zijn' (2009).

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