Slaapkoppen, by Randall.C

Randall C., AKA Randall Casaer, is an illustrator, graphic novelist and comedy coach from Ghent, Belgium. He has made illustrations for magazines like Humo and De Standaard. In 2007 he published the graphic novel 'Slaapkoppen', in production support of the Flemish Fund of Literature. This book earned him the VPRO Debut Prize 2008. On 11 July 2011 Pieter De Poortere designed a comics mural in the Rue Euler, Paris, featuring characters by Randall C., Brecht Evens, Olivier Schrauwen, Judith Vanistendael and Jeroen Janssen to promote Flemish comics. It was the first of its kind in France.

In 2008 his 'Slaapkoppen' won the Debuutprijs van de Stad Turnhout, aka 'De Blikken Biebel'. He influenced Katrien Van Schuylenbergh. Veteran cartoonist Gal (Gerard Alsteens) and children's book illustrator Inge Bogaerts have also expressed admiration for Randall C.

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