Alex Bat by Edgar Bercasio

Edgar Bercasio is a comic book artist, portrait artist and oil painter from the Philippines. At the age of 17 he started his career doing pen and ink illustrations for magazines. His work was noted by comic book artists Nestor Redondo and Rudy Nebres, who introduced him to the US market. In addition, Bercasio studied fine arts at FEATI University.

cover art by Edgar Bercasiocover art by Edgar Bercasio

Bercasio produced comic book art for US publisher DC Comics, contributing short stories to titles like 'G.I. Combat', 'Ghost Stories', 'Tales of the Unexpected' and 'House of Mystery', and also doing a 'Golden Age Flash' story. Since then, Bercasio's work has also been published in his home country by Superyor Komiks, Palos Komiks, Hiwaga Komiks, and Pilipino Komiks. He has also worked on real-life stories of sports icons like Ken Griffey Jr., Wayne Gretzky, Roberto Alomar and Mark Mcguire, all for Revolutionary Comics of San Diego, California.

war story by Edgar Bercasio

In Spring 1990, Bercasio and his wife and four children emigrated from the Philippines to Winnipeg, Canada. Bercasio lived in Vancouver from 1996 to 1998 and in collaboration with local artists, he was awarded Best Producer for his 'Nilus the Sandman', 'The Littlest Angel', and 'Shop 'till You Drop', animated series done at Delaney & Friends Animation Studio. Afterwards, he has been in Winnipeg working at Palliser's Logic Division, but he also does work for the Filipino community.

comic about Roberto Clemente by Edgar Bercasio

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