Altamiro de la Cueva, by Juan Bernet Toledano
Altamiro de la Cueva

Juan (or Joan) Bernet Toledano is a Spanish artist of humorous comics. He is the brother of Jorge and the uncle of Jordi Bernet. His most representative works were 'Altamiro de la Cueva' and 'Los Guerrilleros'. 'Altamiro de la Cueva', which featured an ingenious caveman and counted on scripts by Carles Bech, started up in TBO in the mid-1960s. For Trinca, he and scriptwriter Andrade created 'Los Guerrilleros', about the Spanish battle against the troops of Napoleon, in the early 1970s.

Serafín y Cía, by Juan Bernet Toledano
Serafín y Cía

Other series Toledano illustrated are 'Don Vicente vive deportivamente' and 'Súper Agente Secreto A.E.I.O.U.', which he created for Gaceta Junior in 1970. In 1973 he published the book 'Franciscostein', which consisted of silent gag panels. Other magazines he contributed to were Nicolás and several Bruguera magazines such as Din Dan and DDT.

Los Guerrilleros, by Juan Bernet Toledano
Los Guerrilleros

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