Don Winslow, by Leon A. Beroth

Leon A. Beroth studied at the Chicago Art Institute and worked as a commercial artist, illustrator and painter. From 1934 to 1952, he was the leading artist of the daily 'Don Winslow of the Navy' strip, written by Lt. Commander Frank V. Martinek. Martinek got the idea for the strip after an Admiral complained to him about the difficulties of navy recruiting in the Midwest. Martinek started out writing several novels featuring the character of 'Don Winslow', and a syndicated comic strip version appeared from March 1934 to July 1955.

Don Winslow, by Leon Beroth

Beroth was assigned as art director, and Carl Hammond, a mere civilian, did the lay-outs and research. When the strip became a success, Beroth and Hammond were assisted by artists like Ed Moore, Ken Ernst and John Jordan. In 1957, Beroth created the comic strip 'Kitten Kaye', about forest service personnel, which promoted the national forests in the West. He has also made a comic called 'Tom, Dick & Harry', and also did watercolors and oil landscape paintings. Leon Beroth died in 1980 in Edmonds, Washington.

Don Winslow, by Leon A. Beroth

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