Crime Cases Comics, by Ed Moore
Crime Cases Comics #7 (Sep 1951)

Ed Moore was a comic artist during the Golden Age of American Comics. He was contributing to titles like Amazing Mystery Funnies and Funny Picture Stories by Centaur Comics as early as the mid 1930's, while he also did the newspaper features 'Bos'n Hall, Sea Scout' for Bell Syndicate and 'Tom Chase' for Globe Syndicate.

He worked for National Periodicals on features like 'Johnny Quick' and 'Paul Kirk Manhunter', and drew for the Timely/Atlas crime titles in the 1950s (All-True Crime, Crime Must Lose!, Crime Cases Comics). He also worked for the crime titles by EC Comics (War Against Crime), Lev Gleason (Crime Does Not Pay), Holyoke Publishing and Hillman Periodicals. He drew for Eartern Color Printing's New Heroic Comics between 1948 and 1955.

Moore additionally worked as an assistant for newspaper artists like Dick Brooks (on 'The Jackson Twins', 1954-61), Norman Marsh ('Dan Dunn', 1937-38), Jeff Keate ('Rufus', 1950-51) and Leon Beroth ('Don Winslow of the Navy').

Bang Up Comics by Ed Moore
Adventure Incorporated (Bang-Up Comics #1, 1941)

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