The Jackson Twins by Dick Brooks
'Les Jumelles Ayotte', French edition of 'The Jackson Twins' (Le Petit Journal, 28 June 1953)

Dick Brooks was the creator of the newspaper strip 'The Jackson Twins', which ran from 27 November 1950 to 24 March 1979. He began his art career as a marine painter in his home town of Gloucester, Massachusetts, and went on to write for the Boston Transcript. After a year of sculpture and life drawing, he served in the Navy for five years. While in the Navy, he created the cartoon book 'Elmer Squee', which was also distributed by King Features from 1946 to 1948. Brooks had already introduced his twin sisters in this comic, and when he went to the McNaught Syndicate, he renamed his characters and 'The Jackson Twins' were born. Another artist to assist Brooks on the series was Warren Sattler.

Dick Brooks photo ©1966 The Newspaper Enterprise Association
Photo ©1966 The Newspaper Enterprise Association.

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