Teenwise, by Jack Berrill
Teen Wise (1970)

Jack Berrill was born in Brooklyn, NY, in 1923. He graduated from the art program at Brooklyn Technical High School and was hired as a copy boy in the Art Department at the New York Daily News in 1941. Noted by Martin Branner, he became the artist's assistant on his newspaper strip 'Winnie Winkle' shortly afterwards. He worked with Branner for three years and then was sent to England to fulfill his military service during World War II. Back in civil life, he resumed his cooperation with Branner and he also started working for Eastern Color Printing Company's comic book line, that included 'Famous Funnies'.

Gil Thorp by Jack Berrill
Gil Thorp (27/8/1967)

Berrill created his own strip for Chicago-Tribune-New York News Syndicate on 8 September 1958. The adventures of high school coach 'Gil Thorp' (named after his Berrill's heroes Jim Thorpe and Gil Hodges) and the athletes he mentored, were continued by Berrill until 1994, when illness forced him to drop his activities. The strip however continues to appear to this day and has seen a variety of writers (Jerry Jenkins, Neil Rubin) and artists (Warren Sattler, Frank Bolle, Ray Burns, Frank McLaughlin, Rod Whigham).

Teenwise, by Jack Berrill (1969)
Teen Wise (1969)

Between 1966 and 1976, Jack Berrill also wrote and drew a feature for the Sunday News called 'Teen Wise'. It offered gentle and humorous advice for teens. Jack Berrill died of cancer in March, 1996.

Gil Thorp by Jack Berrill
Gil Thorp (27/3/1984)

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