Judomaster, by Frank McLaughlin

Frank McLaughlin is an American artist of superhero comics. At Charlton, the was the creator of the character 'Judomaster', together with writer Joe Gill. McLaughlin was a martial arts expert himself, and he could put his knowledge and experience in his work on this comic. Later at DC, he worked on a variety of titles, such as 'Superman', 'Batman' and 'The Flash'. He has also worked with several Marvel characters.

Gil Thorp by Frank McLaughlin
Gil Thorp (2001)

From 2001 to 2008, he illustrated 'Gil Thorp', originally created by Jack Berrill, for Tribune Media Services. During his career, he has worked on several other newspaper comics, such as 'The Heart of Juliet Jones' (by Stan Drake), 'Nancy' (by Bushmiller) and 'Brenda Starr' (by Dale Messick). He is the author of several books about drawing comics, and he has taught cartooning and visual storytelling at numerous schools.

Judomaster, by Frank McLaughlin

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