Hombres en la Jungla by Julio Berrios
Hombres en la Jungla

Julio Berríos began his career carving gravestones. He opened his his own printing firm at the age of 20 and continued it until the economic crisis forced him to close it down in 1967. Berríos, who had already contributed some drawing to magazine El Peneca since the age of 11, found employment with comic book publisher Zig-Zag in 1968. One of the first characters he worked with was Disney's 'Zorro'. He eventually left Zig-Zag to work with the publishing house Quimantú.

Pichahuel by Julio Berrios

Berríos, or Juber as he signed his work, stood out for his detailed drawings of animals, military uniforms and prehistoric creatures, as can be seen in his work for Quimantú titles like Hombres en la Jungla and features like 'Khanda' and 'El hijo de la montaña'. 'Tolák'. His passion for Latin American ancient civilizations like Rapa Nui and Mayan is evident throughout his career in features like 'Tolák', 'Taori' and most notably 'Pichahuel'. His Mapuche hero 'Pichinahuel' appeared in the magazine Dos Puntos from 1986 through the 1990s.

Taori by Julio Berrios

Juber has also done agency work through an Argentinian agency, and has done features like 'Firewall' for the British market. He was an assistant for Vicar on 'Donald Duck' stories for the Danish publisher Egmont.

Tolak by Julio Berrios

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