Atomino, by Vinicio Berti

Vinicio Berti was born in 1921 in Firenze. After completing his artistic studies, Berti began working as an expressionist artist, and took part in the innovative movement in Italian contemporary art. During the 1940s, he made many paintings with war themes, and from 1946, began working in a more political fashion. He was editor of the Nuova Toscana newspaper, and made his version of 'Pinocchio' around 1947. He also made stories with characters like 'Gian Burrasca', 'Ciondolino', 'Il Pioniere Chidino' and 'Atomino'. Together with scriptwriter Marcello Argilli Berti also drew 'Chiodino' (1952-1962), a comic strip about a robot, which ran in Pioniere. The comic was also translated in German as 'Ferri' and ran in Frösi. Hans Räde created a similar robot-themed comic strip, 'Colli's wundersame Reise' (1956), which appeared in the magazine Jugend und Technik.  He passed away in 1991 in Firenze. 

Chiodino, by Vinicio Berti

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