Colli's Wundersame Reise, by Hans Räde 1956

Hans Räde was a German artist, graphic artist and painter who is best known for making paintings of ships and vessels. Yet in 1956 he made a comic strip, 'Colli's wundersame Reise' (1956) about a robot, and a text comic, 'In den Bergen des Atlas' (1957). 

He was born in 1921 in Nauen, Brandenburg, Germany. He worked at Henkel's airplane manufacturing company in the late 1930s. When World War II broke out he was drafted. After the war he worked as a farmer while working at the Kunsthochschule Weissensee under apprentice of Eva Schwimmer. Between 1949 and 1950 he continued his studies at the Leipzig School of Applied Arts and the Academy of Visual Arts. In 1949 Germany was split into a Western part and an Eastern part, under Communist rule - the DDR - where Räde would spent most of his career. Since 1953 he was mostly active as a freelance painter, graphic artist and children's book illustrator. 

comic art by Hans Rade (1966)

In September 1956 Räde drew the comic 'Colli's wundersame Reise' for magazine Jugend und Technik, based on an idea by Hans Hartung. The comic strip starred a metal robot whose visual appearance was modelled after Marcello Argilli and  Vinicio Berti's  similar comic strip about a robot, 'Chiodino'. He also made 'In den Bergen des Atlas' for magazine Atze in 1957. After a long career Räde passed away in 2018. 

Colli's Wundersame Reise, by Hans Räde 1956

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