Le Narval by Boris Beuzelin
'Le Narval'.

Born in Alençon, Boris Beuzelin studied Fine Arts in Angers together with Yoann and Eric Omond. While working as a storyboard artist, he created two children's books together with writer Sonia Picard. He then joined Omond and Yoann's art studios, La Boîte Qui Fait Beuh, where he began his career in comics. He did the coloring of the series 'Mort Linden', created by Omond and artist Lionel Marty.

L'Épouvantail Pointeur, by Boris Beuzelin
'L'Épouvantail Pointeur'.

Together with Omond, he produced his debut comic, the one-shot 'L'Épouvantail Pointeur', in the collection Carrément at Glénat in 2002. This was followed by the one-shot comic albums 'Stabat Master' (with Omond, Delcourt, 2005), 'La Nuit des Chats Bottés' (with Frédéric Fajardie, Casterman, 2006) and 'Nowhere Island' (with Fabrice Colin, L'Atalante, 2008). Together with Olivier Supiot, he began his first series, 'Le Narval', at Treize Étrange in 2010.

Stabat Master, by Boris Beuzelin
'Stabat Master'.

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