HCL, by Eric OmondHCL, by Eric Omond

Eric Omond studied at the School of Fine Arts of Cherbourg and Angers. He teamed up with Yoann Chivard, for whom he wrote his first scripts. Their first comic, 'Phil Kaos', was published in the British magazine Deadline. Omond and Yoann then launched 'Toto l'Ornithorynque' (Delcourt, 1997), 'Ninie Rezergoude' (Delcourt, 1999) and 'La Voleuse du Père-Fauteuil' (Dargaud, 2002).

In 1996, Omond participated in the creation of the atelier La Boîte Qui Fait Beuh in Angers with Nathalie Bodin, Marie Lombard, Yoann, Boris Beuzelin, Pierre-Henry Laporterie and Olivier Supiot. With Fabrizio Borrini, he created the futuristic riddle page 'L'Inspecteur ZBU' for Spirou in 1998, and additionally cooperated on 'Hermine' with Éric Dérian, Delphine Rieu and Jean-Philippe Peyraud for Dargaud. With Supiot, he launched 'Nosfératu' in Fluide Glacial, as well as 'Le Dérisoire' in the collection Carrément BD of Glénat in 2002. For that same collection, Omond wrote the script of 'L'Épouvantail Pointeur' for Beuzelin. In 1999, he created 'Gus le Menteur' with Nathalie Bodin for Delcourt.

In 2000, Omond created 'HCL - Hard Core Lycée' for Glénat, a series for which he did both scripts and artwork. For Delcourt, he launched new series like 'Gus le Menteur' (with Nathalie Bodin, 1999), 'Mort Linden' (with Lionel Marty, 2000), 'Les Gamins' (with Alexis Nesme, 2000), 'Sang et Encre' (with Olivier Martin, 2000) and 'Hubert la Cervelle' (with Dominique Gelli, 2001).

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