comic art by Fabrizio Borrini
La Fille Wondermidable (Spirou 3308, 2001)

Fabrizio Borrini is a comic artist and painter from Liège, who enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts at the age of 15. He published his earliest comics efforts in the 1980s, starting a mini-book starring the character 'Ticky' in Spirou magazine (1981). It was followed by two albums of the sci-fi comic 'Suplex et Caltex' at Éditions Magic Strip in 1984 and 1986. These books were made with influences of the Clear Line revival of the 1980s, but also foreshadowed the surreal and absurd drawing style of his later comics.

In 1987-1988 the publishing company Brain Factory International released a four-volume comic book series where Franco-Belgian comic authors visualized several songs by singer Jacques Brel in comic strip form. The fourth volume, 'J'Arrive' (1988) featured a contribution by Borrini. 

Suplex et Caltex by Fabrizio Borrini

Borrini spent the rest of the 1980s and early 1990s working in advertising and multimedia. He produced opening credits for TV shows, sets for theater shows and commercials. He didn't return to comics until 1994 as part of the new generation of comic artists that emerged in Spirou magazine in the 1990s. he made illustrations, cartoons and short stories, as well as short-lived features like 'Test à claques' (1995) and 'Télé-emplettes' (1995-1996) with Jean-Louis Janssens.

Inspecteur ZBU, by Fabrizio Borrini
L'Inspecteur ZBU (Spirou/Robbedoes 3144, 1998)

His main work during this period was 'L'Inspecteur ZBU', a riddle feature he made with writer Eric Omond between 1998 and 2002. In this futuristic one-page comic, the reader had to help space detective ZBU solve a mystery. While doing this more mainstream feature, Borrini continued to make short stories and covers, in which he showcased his talent for drawing surrealistic landscapes.

Borrini has additionally been active as a painter since 1995. His abstract and psychedelic works have been exhibited on several occasions in the larger Belgian cities, but also in France, Portugal, Romania and Switzerland. He has also done performances as a painter and multimedia artist, and he has designed champaign bottles for the Vranken-Pommery group. As a musician, he performed with the percussion group Gomma, and with the Boy's Band Dessinées, a band starring comic authors like Midam, Janry, Yvan Delporte and Bruno Gazzotti.

Between 2006 and 2008, he returned to Spirou with the poetic and mysterious children's comic 'Karma', another collaboration with Janssens.

Karma by Fabrizio Borrini

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