Tom et Nelly, by José Bielsa
'Tom et Nelly' (Spirou).

José Bielsa was born in 1931 in Madrid and studied ceramics before getting involved in comics. He made his debut in several magazines, such as Chicos, El Coyote and Florita. In 1955, he was employed by World Press and later by Édifrance, where he worked on 'Les Grands Noms de l'Histoire de France' for magazine Pistolin (with text by Jean-Michel Charlier), and 'Les Belles Histoires de l' Oncle Paul' (with text by Octave Joly) in Spirou. Bielsa took over the series 'Tom et Nelly', created by Albert Uderzo, in 1956.

El Rally de los 5 Continentes, by Jose Bielsa (Trinca #18, 15 July 1971)
'El Rally de los 5 Continentes' (Trinca # 18, 15 July 1971).

In 1958, Bielsa became editor at Bruguera, where he directed the Creaciones Editoriales agency, and after this he worked for several press agencies in France and England. His work for the British market includes contributions to Amalgamated Press' Cowboy Comics Library during the late 1950s and early 1960s. In 1963 he started working for the magazine Pilote, where he made 'Bill Norton', 'Yves Mallard', 'Les Mange-Bitume' (text by Jacques Lob) and a number of short stories.

El Destino de Ali (Leyendas), by Jose Bielsa
'El Destino de Ali' (Leyendas).

Between 1971 and 1973, José Bielsa worked for Spanish magazine Trinca; in 1974-75 he collaborated with Truchaud on 'Joe Fast' for Lucky Luke Magazine. In the following ten years, Bielsa worked for publisher Larousse and collaborated on several collections and albums of 'L'Histoire de France en Bandes Dessinées'. Also in the 1970s he collaborated with scriptwriter Víctor Mora on the series 'Supernova' of publisher Bruguera. After this, he limited himself to the Spanish market, creating the series 'Leyendas' for the magazine Rumbo Sur. Since the mid-1980s, José Bielsa has devoted all of his time to painting.

El Destino de Ali (Leyendas), by Jose Bielsa
'El Destino de Ali' (Leyendas).

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