The Fury, by Stephen R. Bissette
'The Fury'. 

Stephen Bissette is a graduate from the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art and has been a professional cartoonist for many years, working on many titles including 'The Fury'. He is best known for his award-winning collaboration with writer Alan Moore and inker John Totleben on 'Saga of the Swamp Thing'. Bissette's artwork has appeared in the pages of Heavy Metal, Weird Worlds and many others. With writer and artist Tom Veitch, Bissette has co-created 'Grumm', the adventures of a fearless boy and his pet monster, but this comic was never published. Through his own SpiderBaby Grafix, Steve Bissette has published an ambitious serialized graphic novel, 'Tyrant'. Since the Spring of 2005, he has also edited and published Green Mountain Cinema, a trade paperback journal devoted to the independent cinema scene in his home state of Vermont.

The Unbeliveable N-Man, by Stephen R. Bissette
'The Unbelievable N-Man'. 

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