Spaceship Comix, by by Tom Veitch
'Spaceship Comix'. 

Tom Veitch has been drawing and writing comics, novels, poetry and screenplays since the early 1970s. His comics work began in underground comix in San Francisco, where he teamed up with artist Greg Irons. They created underground characters such as 'Jumpin' Jack Flesh', 'Our Mutant Brothers and 'Vince Shazam'. Later, Tom would follow his brother Rick Veitch into mainstream comics. 

Together with Stephen R. Bissette, he co-created 'Grumm', the adventures of a fearless boy and his pet monster, but this comic was never published. 

Veitch wrote a personal homage to Robert Crumb in Monte Beauchamp's book 'The Life and Times of R. Crumb. Comments From Contemporaries (St. Martin's Griffin, New York, 1998).

In 2022, Tom Veitch died from COVID-19, at age 80. 

comic art by Tom Veitch
Comic art by Tom Veitch. 

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