comic art by Stéphane Blanquet

Stéphane Blanquet has created many comic books, including 'Mon Placard', 'Guimauve', 'Viande Froide et Cie', 'A l'intérieur... des têtes' and 'Mon Méchant Moi'. His work has been published by independent publishers L'Association, Cornélius, Jochen Enterprises, Le Dernier Cri, Tabasco Carrasco, and Les étoiles et les cochons. Blanquet's work in 'Zero Zero' and 'Blab!', and with Fantagraphics Books and Last Gasp Comix, makes him one of the few French comic artists involved with U.S. comics.

comic art by Stéphane Blanquet

Feraille Illustré, by Stéphane Blanquet

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