Rabituerto, by Adriano Blasco

Adriano Blasco is the younger brother of Jesús, Alejandro and Pili Blasco. He started out drawing harmless humorous characters like 'Chispita' for the girls magazine Mis Chicas in the early 1940s. Since 1947 he was a regular at adventurous weekly Chicos contributing such works as 'Piratas en el Yukon' and 'El genio negro'. He drew many stories for El Coyote magazine, like 'Pasarse de Listo' and 'Una heroína en Guerra'. For another girls magazine called Florita, he produced such comics as 'Marcela' and 'Lizzy'. In the 1960s, he joined the Blasco studios, where he worked alongside his brothers, Jesús and Alejandro under the only name of Jesús Blasco.

El Coyote, by Adriano Blasco

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