Una ciudad en el cielo, by J. Blazquez

Joaquín Blázquez was born in Barcelona in 1946. When he was only thirteen he published his first illustrations in Bolivia with the help of the international agency Bardon Art. His agent Jordi Macabich was also his drawing-teacher. Publisher Ferma released his first Spanish comic. Joaquín Blázquez' first noticeable comics work was the 'Buffalo Bill' series, published by Galaor in 1964. After his military service, he developed both a comical and a realistic style. He worked for several foreign publishers during this period, which lasted from 1966 to 1974.

Melvin, by Joaquin Blázquez 1984

In 1975 Joaquin Blázquez joined Josep Toutain's agency Selecciones Ilustradas and he was immediately accepted in US Warren magazines such as Vampirella and Eerie. In 1977 J. Blázquez participated in the short-lived Spanish magazine Eh!. As a result he returned to the agencies: he worked for Fleetway and Thompson, British publishers through Bardon Art. Then he did romantic stories through Norma agency, also for the British market. At this point he came down with a personal and professional crisis which kept him inactive for more than one year.

Joaquín Blázquez made his comeback in late 1978 drawing the German series 'Ron Cammaro' and he went on working for the international market as he had done for most of his career. In addition to comics,he was also active as a painter and sculptor. Joaquín Blázquez prematurely died of a brain haemorrhage in 1986.

Melvin, by Joaquin Blázquez 1984

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