Hop Harrigan, by Jon L. Blummer

Jon Blummer was a Golden Age artist for National/DC. He was born Jacob Lupu Blumer into a family of Jewish Roumanian ancestry. His father was the founder and dean of the Blumer College of Naturopathy, a controversial school that was raided in 1923 as result of an investigation of medical fraud. Jacot L. Blumer left his hometown and settled in New York City following these scandalous events and the subsequent trial, that was covered nationwide by newspapers. Using the pen name Jon/John Blummer (adding an extra m), he became an illustrator for newspapers.

He subsequently attended the Pratt Institute and began to sell freelance pen and ink story illustrations to pulp magazines like Clues Detective, Complete Western Book, Dime Adventure, Dime Sports, Pirate Stories, Flying Aces, Sports Novels, Western Action Novels, Super Sports and 10-Story Sport in the 1930s. He started making comic art in 1939, starting with the syndicated newspaper comic strip 'The Lone Ranger'. His most famous creation is the 'Hop Harrigan' war comic, that began in the same year. The feature first appeared in All-American Comics issue #1, and later became a long-running radio serial. In 1941, he graphically created 'Fighting Yank' in Nedor's Startling. This series was later drawn by Jack Binder, Alex Schomburg, Jerry Robinson and Mort Meskin.

The Sea Hound (11/1/1945)
The Sea Hound (11 January 1945)

For National/DC, he also created 'Ultra-Man', 'Captain X of the RAF' and 'Little Boy Blue'. In 1944 and 1945 he worked with Fran Striker on the syndicated 'The Sea Hound' feature. Up until the mid-1950s, he contributed to the ACG titles 'Adventures into the Unknown' and 'Forbidden Worlds'. By then he was using pen names like John Elby and Don Shelby. In 1955 he died at age 51. 

Captain X of the RAF, by Jon L. Blummer
Captain X of the RAF

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