Morro Bay by Jeanlouis Boccar
Morro Bay

Jeanlouis Boccar began his career working together with Patryck de Froidmont in the early 1980s. Together, they created the short-lived gag series 'Dinguement Vôtre' in Spirou and 'Nos Premiers Pas' and 'Le P'tit Quartier De Mont-en-France' in Le Soir Illustré. In most of these comics, the artists themselves starred as the main characters. They also made the comic albums 'Le Triangle Ombilical' (Éditions du Miroir, 1984) and 'Musk' (Armonia, 1986).

Musk by Jeanlouis Boccar

Boccar and Froidmont were then involved in the production of video clips. They have worked for artists like Gotainer, Heaven 17, Dire Straits and Plastic Bertrand. They also formed the comical duo Les Indiens. Since 1995, Boccar does all his activities under through his own firm Astalavista. He is mainly involved in advertising, music and comic projects. He worked with Danny Roelens on comic series like 'Zohra & Pat' and 'Kim Kay' for the Flemish market in the late 1990s. He has subsequently worked with the scriptwriters Yslaire (the diptych '3 Vierges' at Glénat, 2003 and 2006) and Jean-Luc Cornette ('Morro Bay' at Casterman, 2005). Boccar became a contributor to L'Écho des Savanes in 2008.

3 Vierges by Jeanlouis Boccar
3 Vierges

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