Andréléphant, by Jean-Luc Cornette

After his studies at the Institut Saint-Luc in Brussels, Jean-Luc Cornette started his career in Tintin Reporter and Spirou and as the colorist of Antonio Cossu, Philippe Foerster and André Taymans. In the mid-1990s, he worked for Brazil magazine and drew 'Sousoupe' in the Rêves-en-Bulles fanzine. Between 1995 and 1997, he made the children's series 'Les Enfants Terribles' for the publishing house Casterman.

Jean-Luc Cornette is also a productive scriptwriter for others. At Casterman, he wrote 'Robert contre Dracula' and 'Robert contre la Créature de la Vase Molle' for Christophe Hanze in 1997 and 1998. Also with Hanze, he made an adaptation of Oscar Wilde's 'Le Fantôme de Canterville' at Delcourt in 2003. With Christian Durieux, he created 'Columbia' in Spirou in 1999. For the same magazine, he cooperated with Karo on several short stories and a special issue on Vietnam. He also wrote the script for Karo's albums 'Câlinée soux x' (Carabas, 2007) and 'Arthur et Janet' (Drugstore, 2009). At the publishing house Glénat, Cornette wrote scenarios for Michel Constant ('Red River Hôtel', 2002-05), Emmaneul Moynot ('Démons', 2004-05) and Éric Warnauts ('Jean Polpol', 2004). For the publishing house L'École des Loisirs/Pastel, he drew three children's books, illustrated by himself or by Jean-Marc Rochette and José Parrondo.

Maxime Maximum, by Jean-Luc Cornette

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