Blodbryllup, by Cav Bøgelund

Cav Bøgelund was a Danish animator and comic artist. He debuted in the mid-1990s with several prepubescent, photocopied magazines and has since contributed to several underground anthologies. In 1998, he made the comic 'Sorte' which he has also made into an animated cartoon while studying at the Animation Workshop in Viborg. In 2003, he created his magnum opus 'NeCRoPoLiS', in collaboration with writer Simon Petersen. He  worked on a comic book adaptation of Federico Garcia Lorca's play 'Blood Wedding' ('Blodbryllup') from a script by Henrik Rehr. Bøgelund gained more mainstream attention after directing the animated short ‘Våbenbrødre’ ('Brothers In Arms', 1 April, 2014). Aimed at an adult audience, it tells a story about Danish soldiers during the U.S.-Afghan War, all told in a semi-documentary style. The picture was nominated for a Robert Award. 

Sadly Bøgelund suffered from depression and often discussed it openly in interviews and on his Facebook page. He went to a Saturday night party at the Danish film school in the night of 30/31 January 2018, after which he fell into the river at Christianshavn and drowned. He was 39 years old. It's still not clear whether it was suicide or just an accident? 

Necropolis, by Cav Bøgelund

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