Tirsdag, by Henrik Rehr

After publishing in several amateur fanzines, Henrik Rehr started the studio De Blå Bil (The Blue Car) with Morten Hesseldahl. In this studio, he worked on several projects, like the children's adventure series 'Julius', for which Hesseldahl wrote the scenarios. After the historical 'Drømmen om langskibene' ('The Dream of the Long Ships'), Rehr returned to his caricature drawing style with 'Kvik Leif'. In this Series, Rehr told entertaining stories against a background of folktales.

Dreamtime, by Hendrik Rehr

In 1989, Henrik Rehr moved to Copenhagen, where he became a member of the Pinligt Selskab, and started to work on the daily comic 'Ferd'nand'. After some horror and science fiction comics, he made the dark comic 'Dreamtime'. Close-ups, facial expressions and body language are the elements that create a certain atmosphere in this story from the Middle Ages.

Castles in the Sand, by Henrik Rehr
Castles in the Sand

He settled in New York with his wife and sons, and created the newspaper strip 'Castles in the Sand' between 2001 and 2003. Living 200 meters from the World Trade Center, Rehr experienced the 9-11 terrror attack first-hand and this resulted in the two books 'Tirsdag' (Tuesday) and 'Tribeca Sunset', both dealing with the event and its aftermath.

New York snow by Henrik Rehr
Tribeca Sunset

Afterwards, he adapted Federico Garcia Lorca's play 'Bloodwedding' in cooperation with the artist Cav Bøgelund, and 2007 and 2008 saw his two formal experiments 'Hyldest' ('Tribute') and 'Svøm!' ('Svim!'). In 2006, Rehr ended his 18-year tenure on the Ferd'nand strip and has worked on the character 'Rasmus Klump' ('Petzi') since then.

Tribeca Sunset, by Henrik Rehr
Hyldest (Tribute)

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