Superman by Al Plastino
Superman #313

Alfred J. Plastino began his career working for Youth Magazine at the age of 17. He later did work through the Funnies Inc studio, and assisted artists like Bill Everett on 'Sub-Mariner'. During World War II, he spent most of his time at the graphic art office in the Pentagon, drawing war posters and doing illustrations for US Army magazines. Between 1944 and 1948, he worked on the sydicated 'Hap Hopper, Washington Correspondent' (later renamed to 'Barry Noble') strip, which he took over from Jack Sparling.

Batman, by Al Plastino
Batman daily (30 April 1969)

After the War, he went to work in a New York studio. After pencilling 'Captain America' for Marvel, he moved to National/DC Comics in 1948. With this company, he became one of the most prolific 'Superman' pencillers of the 1950s, together with Wayne Boring. Plastino worked on the 'Superman' comic until 1968, although he was hired by DC to retouch some of Jack Kirby's artwork on the comic in the 1970s. He also illustrated numerous covers and spin-off titles, such as 'Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane' and 'Superboy'. With Otto Binder, he created 'Supergirl' in 1959. 

Ferd'nand, by Al Plastino

From 1966 to 1972 he was the artist on the 'Batman' daily. In 1970 he took over Henning Dahl-Mikkelsen's 'Ferd'nand' strip and continued it until his retirement in 1989 (signing it with Al Mik). In 1982 and 1983, he was also the artist for the 'Nancy' Sunday pages after Ernie Bushmiller passed away. Plastino, who lived on Long Island, spent the years after his retirement making oil and water-colour paintings, while his daughter managed his business affairs. Al Plastino passed away in November 2013 after battling with prostate cancer.

Superboy by Al PlastinoSuperman by Al Plastino

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