Hertugens Knogler, by Peter Kielland-Brandt

In 1976, Peter Kielland-Brandt became a member of the Danish Comics Association. Soon he became a board member and co-founder of the alternative publishers Balder & Bragge. His first comics were published in fanzines by this publisher and in Rune Kidde's 'Blomstrende Spaghetti'. Peter experimented with style and content, which can be seen in his albums 'Kun i Aften' ('Only Tonight') and 'En Dæmonhistorie' ('A Demon Story').

Fisk, by Peter Kielland-Brandt

He is the author of the series 'Onkel Herbert' starting in 1987. In the early 1990s, he joined the Pinligt Selskab Studios, where he produced 'Det fill, det falle - og andre eventyr', an album with comic adaptations of fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen, Grimm and other writers. In 1994, the album 'Fisk' ('Fish') appeared. This album, which is full of absurd stories, was made in a simple, clear, black-and-white style. In 1997, Peter Kielland-Brandt made the first volume of fantasy epic, 'Jernpotte' ('Ironbound').

Moon-Slice, by Peter Kielland-Brandt

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