comic art by Rune Kidde

Rune Torstein Kidde was a multi-talented Danish artist and writer. He has made comics, cartoons, poems, novels, plays and children's books, and was additionally a folk singer/musician and producer of travel features and drama for the radio. Kidde was a frequent contributor to and initiator of alternative Danish comic books, especially 'Blomstrende Spaghetti' ('Blooming Spaghetti'), that he made from 1977 until 1986. Among his other publications are Fields'isten, Knulp and Kong Knud. He was co-founder of the publishing company Baldur og Brage, the cartoon studio Gimle, and also the comics workshop Tegneserieværkstedet.

He was the author of several satirical albums during the 1980s, such as 'Man siger så meget' ('Talk is Cheap'), 'Må jeg høfligst anmode Dem om at tage denne sag alvorligt!'('May I Respectfully Urge You to Take this Seriously!') and 'Eventyr Evergreens' ('Fairytale Evergreens'). Because of failing sight and eventual blindness, Kidde was forced to leave the drawing of his comics to other artists. Rune Kidde has since worked as a scriptwriter for Jørgen Mogensen, Peter Kielland-Brandt, Lars Bering Haarup, Peter Madsen and Flemming Jeppesen.

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