comic art by Jørgen Mogensen

Jørgen Mogensen was a Danish comic artist and sculptor. He made his first cartoons for Hudibras, the paper of cartoonist Cosper in 1944. Under the joint signature MOCO, the authors also created the pantomime comic strip 'Alfredo', syndicated by P.I.B. around the world, starting with Le Figaro in France.

Alfredo by Jorgen Mogensen
'Alfredo & Poeten og Lillemor' from Dutch newspaper De Tijd De Maasbode in 1959.

He was a contributor to the Sunday supplement of the daily newspaper Politiken from 1946. It was in this supplement, that he created his best-known feature 'Poeten og Lillemor' ('The Poet and the Little Woman') in 1950. This daily comic about a typical Danish family has been published in several Copenhagen-based newspapers, and later on, as a weekly comic in Hjemmet. Mogensen drew the strip for 53 years and later in the strip's run, Mogensen was assisted by artists like Mogens Dalgård and Per Vadmand.

comic art by Jorgen Mogensen

In addition, Mogensen created several other series. He made comics about office girls, such as 'Roselil og hendes mor' ('Roselil and her mother'), 'Lullubelle' and the social satire 'Esmeralda'. In 1985, Jørgen started making comics based on folktales, as in 'Elvis Mælketand'. When Rune Kidde lost his eye-sight in 1990, Jørgen Mogensen assisted him as an artist on several series. Mogensen was married to cartoonist and fine artist Gerda Nystad.

comic art by Jorgen Mogensen

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