Alfredo, by Cosper

The Danish artist Siegfried "Cosper" Cornelius started out as a jazz musician in the 1930s and early 1940s. He performed among others with Josephine Baker. In 1943, he founded the humorous magazine Hudibras, together with Asger Jerrild. Artists like Jørgen Mogensen and Henning Gantriis made their debuts in this periodical. Cosper made several cartoons and strips for Hudibras until the 1950s.

Alfredo by Cosper

Between 1951 and 1954, he created the silent gag strip 'Morkelige Mr. Mox'. Cosper created the silent gag strip 'Alfredo' in cooperation with Jørgen Mogensen in the early 1950s. They cooperated on this internationally distributed newspaper strip for several years, under the collective pseudonym Moco. Cosper eventually took over the series completely, and continued it until the 1980s. 'Alfredo' was briefly continued by artist Mårdøn Smet.

comic art by Cosper

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