Ze Carioca, by Fernando Bonini

Fernando Antonio Bonini was one of the principal artists of Brazilian Disney comics. Born in Niterói, Bonini began his career at the age of 15 as the pupil of Primaggio Mantovi at the Rio Gráfica e Editora. Among his earliest works were drawing 'Sacarrolha' and 'Recruta Zero'. He then joined the team of young artists at RGE, where he worked on 'Jô Comix' and 'A Vaca Voadora', until he became the main artist on 'O Sítio do Pica-Pau Arnarelo'.

In the late 1970, Bonini began producing horror comics for Vecchi, drawing among others 'A Namorada de Julinho', a story written by Ota and that was later adapted to cinema by Lemúria Filmes. He also began a collaboration with Editora Grafipar, where he illustrated erotic comics.

Ze Carioca, by Fernando Bonini

When the horror and erotic comic lines folded around 1987, Bonini turned to Abril publishers, where he commenced working for the (mainly Disney) titles Os Trapalhões, Zé Carioca and Urtigão until 1998. In that year, his personal life took a turn. He became a heavy drinker and eventually turned homeless. With the help of his friends, he got his life back on track around 2002 and started drawing again.

From then on, he drew for the children's magazines of Editora Escale, produced erotic comics for Heavy Metal Comics and cooperated with the review Os Exterminadores Sem Futuro by Opera Graphica. He signed his juvenile work with Sil. In early 2005, Bonini saw his most important work published by Via Lettera. This comic, 'Luciano', was written by Mantovi and it ook Bonini four years to complete it.

cover by Fernando Boninicover by Fernando Bonini


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