Mendo Mendovic by Bordo
Mendo Mendovic (1964)

Borivoj Dovniković (Bordo) grew up with Walt Disney and Harold Foster as his idols. His first comic strip, 'Udarnik Ratko', was published in Glas Slavonije in 1945. In 1950, Bordo joined a group of cartoonists from the weekly humor magazine Kerempuh in the production of the first Yugoslav artistic animated film, 'The Big Meeting' ('Veliki miting', 1951). This film is considered the beginning of the modern Croatian/Yugoslav animation. Bordo was later co-founder of Duga Film.

Cudesni Tim by Bordo
Čudesni Tim (Plavi vjesnik, 1961)

That same year he left the Academy and returned to comic strips with his most popular strip 'Velika Utakmica' in cooperation with Norbert Neugebauer for Horizontov zabavnik. As a cartoonist Bordo worked for the Beograd humor weekly Jez and other Zagreb and Yugoslav newspapers. He also produced other comic stories for Horizontov zabavnik and Kerempuh, while also contributing to Pionir, Miki Strip and especially Plavi vjesnik, for which he created the the comic strip based on the TV puppet bear 'Mendo Mendović' with Mladen Bjažić from 1963 to 1965. Mendo Mendović was an early celebrity on Yugoslavian TV. It was a puppet bear that would regularly perform with Slavica Fila (Mendo i Slavica). He had a peculiar speech, inserting "n" within words (hence his name Mendo from Medo "(teddy) bear") and he let the good children press his nose, which would produce a honking sound.

From 1994 Bordo regularly published cartoons in the Zagreb based magazine Hrvatska ljevica.

Susreti treće vrste by Bordo
Susreti treće vrste (1983)

Bordo has been active in a variety of artistic disciplines. He has made independent animated films for Zagreb Film from 1961, and has also worked as a graphic designer in the fields of typography, drawing, newspaper advertisements, posters, trademarks, mascots, periodicals and books. He has been involved in the World Festival of Animated Films in Zagreb from its inception in 1972.

Nogometa, by Bordo (Borivoj Dovnikovic)
U Zemlji Lijepog Nogometa (Plavi vjesnik, 1962)

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