Mélody Bondage, by Claire Bouilhac
Mélody Bondage (Fluide Glacial)

Claire Bouilhac studied applied arts and animation, and she began her career with the publishing house Cornélius in 1994, creating the character 'Francis Blaireau Farceur' with Jake Raynal. Five books appeared until 2009. She became a house artist with Fluide Glacial in 2001, and for this magazine, she and Raynal created 'Mélody Bondage'. She also works in cooperation with Jean-Yves Ferri and Vincent Haudiquet, and on stories from her own scripts.

Maud Mutante, by Claire
Maud Mutante (Spirou, 2008)

Since 2006 she is also present in Spirou with the gag strip 'Maud Mutante'. She works with Pixel Vengeur on stories for Psikopat and she co-writes the series 'Trop Top Linotte' for Fleurus publishers with Catel Muller. For Dupuis, Bouilhac and Emmanuelle Polack wrote 'Rose Valland, capitaine Beaux Arts', that was drawn by Catel and published in 2009. Claire Bouilhac is an illustrator with the weekly Le Vif Le Weekend.

Catch me if you can by Claire Bouilhac


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