Barbe-Rouge, by Marc Bourgne

Born in Versailles, Marc Bourgne studied history in Sorbonne, and graduated in 1989. A comic fan since his early childhood, he started out with the adventure series 'Être Libre' at Dargaud between 1992 and 1997. For this series, he created the characters Andy and Flo, inspired by his fascination for North America and Alaska and his own childhood memories. The series was reprinted by the publisher Théloma under the title 'Dernière Frontière'.

Etre Libre by Marc BourgneHistoire de Monaco by Marc Bourgne
'Être Libre' and 'Histoire de Monaco'. 

Bourgne has done historical albums on commission, such as 'Histoire de Monaco' (Dargaud, 1997) as well as advertising comics for Michelin, Groupware, Wafabank, Ipsen, etc. He has been an illustrator for collections like Bibliothèque Verte (covers for the series 'Planète Verte') and Z'azimut (Fleurus).

Frank Lincoln by Marc Bourgne
'Frank Lincoln'.

Between 1999 and 2004 Bourgne did the artwork for new 'Barbe-Rouge' albums from scripts by Christian Perissin, based on the classic characters created by Victor Hubinon and Jean-Michel Charlier. Since 2000 he also makes his own detective series 'Frank Lincoln' for Glénat.

Voyageur by Marc Bourgne

Bourgne took over the artwork of the series 'Voyageur' from Éric Stalner in 2008 (scripts by Eric Stalner and Pierre Boisserie). Bourgne has written scenarios for VoRo ('L'Été 63' at Vents d'Ouest), Franck Bonnet ('Vell'a' in 2004 and 'Les Pirates de Barataria' in 2009) and Marcel Uderzo ('Charles 1er - l'Empereur de la Paix', Fleurus 2007). Between 2012 and 2018 Bourgne and fellow artist Benjamin Benéteau were responsible for the artwork of new 'Michel Vaillant' stories (based on the creation of Jean Graton), which were written by Denis Lapière and Philippe Graton. In 2018 Bourgne announced that he would quit 'Michel Vaillant' and talked about it in a long commentary on Facebook. He felt the workload became too much and that the comic series itself was marketed less prominently than other merchandise. He also claimed that he was the only contributor to 'Michel Vaillant' not to be invited to, nor informed about, a documentary trip to Macao, which was the final straw for him. 

After drawing a book in the 'I.R.$.' spin-off series 'I.R.$. - All Watcher' in 2010, he is the artist of another spin-off called 'I.R.$. Team' with Stephen Desberg since 2012. In 2018 Bourgne and Laurent Libessart also launched a spin-off of Jacques Martin's classic series 'Alix', about the hero's youth. A western comic about Native American chief Sitting Bull will be prepared by Bourgne and Didier Pagot, while Olivier Berlion, Marc Omeyer and Bourgne also work on 'La Mélodie d'Ostelinda' in the series 'L'Art du Crime'.

IRS Team by Marc Bourgne
'I.R.$. Team'.

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