West and Soda, by Bruno Bozzetto

Born in Milan, Italy, Bruno Bozzetto is a master in Italian animation. He made his first animated short in 1958, called 'Tapum! The weapons' story'. His best known character is 'Signor Rossi', who features in many of Bozzetto's short films as well as in three feature films. He also produced many animated shorts which made him famous all over the world and for which he received many awards including. For RAI, he has produced a cartoon series of 26 episodes called 'The Spaghetti Family'. In later yeasr, he has also worked in Flash animation.

During the 1960s, he had an interlude in comics, which he made weekly for the magazine Il Giorno. He made a weekly western strip inspired by 'West and Soda' from January to April 1966. In 1968, he made 'SuperVip e MiniVip' for the magazine. He has also produced books with 'Sperling & Kupfer' and 'Signor Rossi'.

SuperVip e MiniVip, by Bruno Bozzetto


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