Tom Brinfin et Dodolf, by Hector Brault
Tom Brinfin et Dodolf, by Hector Brault
'Tom Brinfin et Dodolf'.

Hector Brault was an illustrator and cartoonist from Quebec, Canada. Under the pen name Tom Lucas he presumably drew the strip 'Casimir', that accompanied 'L'Oncle Pacifique' by Pierre Saint-Loup (under the pen name Vic Martin). Both strips shared a weekly page in Le Petit Journal from Montréal, 'Oncle Pacifique' beginning on 26 May 1935 and 'Casimir' joining on 11 August of that same year.

Casimir by Tom Lucas
L'Oncle Pacifique and Casimir appearing in one strip (2 January 1944), with the anouncement of Tom Lucas' holiday.

On 2 January 1944, both characters appeared in the same strip, and the final publication of both strips was on 26 August 1945. It is possible that Brault only worked on the strip for a limited period, and that Saint-Loup was the artist during the rest of its run. This could be the period that Brault was an artist trainee under Saint-Loup at Le Samedi in the late 1930s.

Header by Hector Brault
Header by Hector Brault
Header by Hector Brault
Headers drawn by Brault for British comics published in Le Samedi between 1937 and 1940.

By 1941 he was art director for Poirier & Bessette, the publishers of Le Samedi. 'Tom Brinfin et Dodolf', his satirical comic tackling the fascist movement, appeared in Le Samedi from December 1941 until June 1942. He also drew the headers for the British comics published in this magazine in the 1940s and 1950s.

Hector Brault in 1939
Hector Brault in 1939.

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