L'Oncle Pacifique by Pierre Saint-Loup
L'Oncle Pacifique (Le Petit Journal, 14/7/1935)

Pierre Saint-Loup, born in France in 1894, immigrated to Québec in 1905 and became an artist draftsman. In the 1920s, he began working for a number of Montreal newspaper and magazines, including Le Samedi, Le Revue Populaire, Le Petit Journal and Photo-Journal. He created his character of 'L'Oncle Pacifique' under the pseudonym of Vic Martin, which first appeared on Sunday 26 May 26 1935, in the weekly newspaper Le Petit Journal. 'L'Oncle Pacifique' incarnated the character of an astute, wise old French Canadian, who reminisces of his incredible adventures of his past, as well as recounting amusing anecdotes and situation of his era.

L'Oncle Pacifique by Pierre Saint-Loup
L'Oncle Pacifique on 3/4/1938

Pierre Saint-Loup, for ten years, faithfully delivered the humour of L'oncle Pacifique Poilfin's character with shrewdness and simplicity. From may 1935, for the first couple of months, the cartoon appeared on a full page. Starting in August of the same year, the cartoon shared the page with a cartoon called 'Casimir'. This strip was signed Tom Lucas, which can be a pseudonym for Saint-Loup himself changing his style, but is possibly a pen name for Hector Brault at some point, who was Saint-Loup's trainee in the second part of the 1930s.

Casimir by Tom Lucas
Casimir by Tom Lucas. Is this Pierre Saint-Loup or another artist?

'L'Oncle Pacifique' always appeared on the top portion and was pre-dominant over the 'Casimir' cartoon, which was always shown as a six square strip on the bottom of the page. Both characters appeared in 1935; were together in the same strip on 2 January 1944; were absent again in the summers of 1943 and 1944; and both ceased to exist after the 26 August 1945 issue.

Captain Morgan by Pierre Saint-Loup

Pierre Saint-Loup is possibly also the author of the 'Captain Morgan' comic strip that appeared in the local papers The St-Maurice Valley Chronicle (an english newspaper) and La Chronique de la Vallée du Saint-Maurice (in French) in the 1950s.

Pierre Saint-Loup was a fine illustrator, also producing drawings of a commercial or exemplary nature, and headings. In the categories of caricature and humoristic drawings, other then L'oncle Pacidfique, he did numerous drawings represented by one image with text beneath it or in word balloons. He also illustrated, in a more artistic and realistic way, a great number of short stories, novels and serials.

Header by Pierre Saint-Loup
Header by Pierre Saint-Loup
Header by Pierre Saint-Loup
Headers for the British strips published in Le Samedi between 1934 and 1936

He carried out his personal works in the form of watercolours, portraits, paintings and sketches, and some painting restoration. Some of his sketches were drawn up during World War I and a few of these were published as cartoons in his trenches regiment journal Les Boyaux du 95e. Pierre Saint-Loup later worked as an industrial draftsman at Canadair Ltd (aerospace industry, now Bombardier Inc.), while still creating illustrations for newspapers and magazines.

Pierre Saint-Loup
Pierre Saint-Loup in 1939

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