Bad Max by Steve Bright
Bad Max

Steve Bright, also known as "Brighty", is a British cartoonist and illustrator. He is an editorial cartoonist with The Sun, and also does celebrity caricatures and commercial art. His comic 'Rex and Tex' appeared in the Sunday Times supplement The Funday Times.

He has drawn extensively for DC Thomson's children's magazines The Dandy and The Beano. Since the age of 19, he has been drawing and writing 'Bananaman'. He has also created 'Bad Max' (2003-2007) and drawn episodes of 'Calamity James' and 'Beryl the Peril'. He drew 'The Numskulls' in the early 1990s for The Beezer and Topper.

Bright has worked with magician John Holt on the cartoon book 'Just Us Then?' and with Jamie Smart on the comic strip 'Hairy Steve'.

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