Bantersaurus Rex by Jamie Smart
Bantersaurus Rex (The Beano, 16 September 2015)

Jamie Smart is a British comic book artist, who has worked on independent comics and on features for the UK magazines The Dandy and The Beano. He wrote and drew ten issues of the alternative comic book 'Bear' through Slave Labor Graphics in the USA between 2003 and 2005.

Bear by Jamie Smart

He was a productive artist for DC Thomson's The Dandy until the final issue in 2012. He created the successful feature 'My Own Genie' in 2005, and was one of the main designers for the revamp of the magazine in 2010. Among the many other features he worked on were 'Desperate Dan', 'Pre-Skool Prime Minister', 'Arena of Awesome', 'My Dad's a Doofus' and 'Space Raoul'. The latter had previously appeared in The Sunday Times. Smart reappeared in the short-lived Digital Dandy with 'The Numskulls' and 'Kingo Bango'.

Smart's work for The Beano includes puzzle pages and comics like 'Roger the Dodger', 'El Poco Loco' and 'Bantersaurus Rex'. He has also worked for the British anthology comic The DFC and its follow-up The Phoenix, for which he draws 'Bunny vs. Monkey'. Other notable creations by Smart are 'Fish-Head Steve', his one-shot comic 'Bohda Te' and the four issue mini-series 'Ubu Bubu'. He has written the crowd-funded comic 'Hairy Steve' for Steve Bright, and is the driving force behind the humor children's magazine Moose Kid Comics.

Fish-Head Steve by Jamie Smart
Fish-Head Steve

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